It is bloody freezing this morning…

but the sun is out so that’s not so bad and I don’t really need to go out today, so I’m happy…

Well I just ventured out to the offy for a few bit’s and it’s not as cold as I thought, the sun is still shining which is nice, it really does cheer a body up when you feel the sun on you, don’t you think?

I have the house to myself today and this evening, everyone is out until late, so I might get a few things done, or not lol… It’s nice sometimes when I’m the only one here, I can have “my music” on full blast without someone saying “What the hell you listening to” or “Mum” I’m trying to play COD, The Sims or any number of other mind numbing games that are around now and when I get out of the shower tonight I “WILL” walk around the house naked lol, because I can… I might freeze my tit’s off but I don’t care lol…

I will not be afraid in the morning…


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