Haven’t been to bed yet, I’m so tired…♥

it’s nearly four in the morning and E is out in Liverpool with her mates,
she said she would be home early but I’m still waiting… Just had a text, she is in a club with her mate Phil and he will see she get’s home OK………..

As if that is going to make me worry less…
Well I went to bed at 5.30am, E got in about 7.00am with chips and gravy,
I know this because the yellow polystyrene box with plastic fork is still on the table with half the cold congealed contents in it…

I have just had the worst senior/blonde moment ever lol, I went to make a cuppa, added milk, put the milk back in the fridge and came back to the computer, five mins later I thought oooh….. I fancy a cuppa I’ll go make one, lo and behold the one I had made earlier was sitting there on the counter waiting fo me …
It’s been a long day and I think I’ll hit the sack early tonight… Well that didn’t happen did it, P.S I Love You was on tv and I love that film…

I will not be afraid in the morning…


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