Some families suck!

I had an overwhelming sense of guilt engulf me earlier and I don’t know why. I sat and cried thinking about my mum and baby brother and how much pain mum had gone through in her life time with the perverted man monster she was married to and we called dad, I wished I could have helped her more especially when our baby brother died at just two weeks old of meningitis.

I was only four when he was born so have nothing to feel guilty about but over the years mum would often tell us about him and how when he died none of her brothers or sisters helped her out with the pain of losing him, none of them where there to talk to and not one of them helped her with his funeral, she had to take his little body in a shoe box up to the cemetery all by her self, on the bus even though some of her family had cars and he was laid to rest in a pauper’s grave because we had no money, (the monster we called dad never worked a day in his life)

Even in her later years when she battled so hard against Cancer not one of them ever came to see her, despite the fact that they all lived fairly near by, oh they would always ask how she was if I met them in town and they’d all promise to call in and see her but never did, none of them came to her funeral either, do you think they were so full of guilt too that they couldn’t even do that for her, I wonder.

I just thought I would share this because 1, it has made me feel better and 2, to ask you all to let your own families know how much you love and care about them while you can. X


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