Santander or should that be Satan-der?

Santander really know how to pee in your face and knock you sick in a way the Alliance and Leicester would never have never done and never did.

My own fault, when my circumstances changed and my bank was taken over,  I should have gone somewhere else, but you know how it is, direct debits and all, it’s a hassle and how do you know that you are then dealing with Satan-dare, this is a little rant and a big depression on my part, I have cried and shut off from every one for the last few day’s and I am so sorry.

I have never had a credit card in my life and I never will, when I went to the Alliance and Leicester 25 years ago, I only wanted a debit card with no overdraft  “if I don’t have it I can’t spend it” is that right? Of course it is and if I tried to, well it was declined, not with Satan-der, oh no, those cloven hooves are raking in the money.

I wish they would up-date my account straight away so that when I check it to see if I have enough to do a shop I would know exactly how much of my job seekers allowance was left, but no they are very erratic with the up-dates, some times taking up to a fortnight for things to come out, so on the 8th of June I checked and thought I had enough, I didn’t and now they are charging me £55.00 for the privilege of banking with them and that’s a lot when you only have £122.00 a fortnight coming in.

This has happened to me twice now, the first time I got the charges back and was told that they could only do this once and I would have to keep an eye on my balance myself which I do now, but it is no good me checking if they can’t keep my account up to-date is it………

Rant over sorry chaps x


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