#Photoaday July~Best part of my day

A pre-shower drink!

#Photoaday July~Best part of my day

When you have spent the day stripping and getting covered in paint it’s allowed x

White Storm, milk and lemon

White Storm, milk and lemon

Should I be worried? I’m saying this because Smell-belle came home and as she always does, she went straight to the fridge for a drink, orange juice is her tipple when shes not out on the razz, I was cooking dinner and she gave me a look, it was one of those “MOTHER WTF” looks, you know the ones, the look that makes you feel like you have just trashed the world in one fell swoop and forgotten to get extra baby-wipes.

“you do know all the smackheads drink that mum” she said, “do they”… “yes mum” … “oh” I replied, and?

Smell-belle is a 20-year-old booze snob.

I just thought I’d share, bottoms up!


Eton Mess?

Eton Mess?

English: Eton Mess

English: Eton Mess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Allegedly Eton Mess came about by accident, literally, it was dropped on the floor and shoved back in to the bowl it came from and served up after a cricket match between Eton College and Winchester College, now I wondered, would it have become so famous if it had been created at my old school Cavendish School for Girls, I think not, Cavendish “sorry we dropped it on the floor” Mess doesn’t have the same ring to it does it. What do you think?

Santander or should that be Satan-der?

Santander or should that be Satan-der?

Santander really know how to pee in your face and knock you sick in a way the Alliance and Leicester would never have never done and never did.

My own fault, when my circumstances changed and my bank was taken over,  I should have gone somewhere else, but you know how it is, direct debits and all, it’s a hassle and how do you know that you are then dealing with Satan-dare, this is a little rant and a big depression on my part, I have cried and shut off from every one for the last few day’s and I am so sorry.

I have never had a credit card in my life and I never will, when I went to the Alliance and Leicester 25 years ago, I only wanted a debit card with no overdraft  “if I don’t have it I can’t spend it” is that right? Of course it is and if I tried to, well it was declined, not with Satan-der, oh no, those cloven hooves are raking in the money.

I wish they would up-date my account straight away so that when I check it to see if I have enough to do a shop I would know exactly how much of my job seekers allowance was left, but no they are very erratic with the up-dates, some times taking up to a fortnight for things to come out, so on the 8th of June I checked and thought I had enough, I didn’t and now they are charging me £55.00 for the privilege of banking with them and that’s a lot when you only have £122.00 a fortnight coming in.

This has happened to me twice now, the first time I got the charges back and was told that they could only do this once and I would have to keep an eye on my balance myself which I do now, but it is no good me checking if they can’t keep my account up to-date is it………

Rant over sorry chaps x

Some families suck!

Some families suck!

I had an overwhelming sense of guilt engulf me earlier and I don’t know why. I sat and cried thinking about my mum and baby brother and how much pain mum had gone through in her life time with the perverted man monster she was married to and we called dad, I wished I could have helped her more especially when our baby brother died at just two weeks old of meningitis.

I was only four when he was born so have nothing to feel guilty about but over the years mum would often tell us about him and how when he died none of her brothers or sisters helped her out with the pain of losing him, none of them where there to talk to and not one of them helped her with his funeral, she had to take his little body in a shoe box up to the cemetery all by her self, on the bus even though some of her family had cars and he was laid to rest in a pauper’s grave because we had no money, (the monster we called dad never worked a day in his life)

Even in her later years when she battled so hard against Cancer not one of them ever came to see her, despite the fact that they all lived fairly near by, oh they would always ask how she was if I met them in town and they’d all promise to call in and see her but never did, none of them came to her funeral either, do you think they were so full of guilt too that they couldn’t even do that for her, I wonder.

I just thought I would share this because 1, it has made me feel better and 2, to ask you all to let your own families know how much you love and care about them while you can. X


I’m getting a BIG one!!! I can’t go to my pages or posts…


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We’ve just been notified of the problem.

Hopefully this should be fixed ASAP, so kindly reload in a minute and things should be back to normal.

Trying to catch up.

I am, I promise…..

Now that WordPress is behaving it’s self I really am trying to get stuff done on here, I love this new theme but it is a bit confusing or is it just me being dense, probably the latter, but please bear with me, I will get it sorted.

Fluzie xxx

Oh how I have missed you x

Oh how I have missed you x

It was your own fault WordPress, a girl can only take so much you know and you had frustrated me so much lately, that I turned to the dark-side for solace, yes I’m ashamed to say, I went to Blogger “sigh” I couldn’t help it, I needed my fix, things got that bad without you that I actually caught up on all my housework and ironing “well maybe not the ironing” that would be daft now wouldn’t it.

I do forgive you though, “why” because you are the best god damn blogging platform around in my humble opinion, but if you ever disappear on me again I’m afraid I will go sleep with the enemy. xxx

A breakfast and a half.

A breakfast and a half.

All the way from NY and still fresh.

Breakfast From NY

My daughter rang me on her way to Newark to catch her flight home and mentioned she’d had a bagel for breakfast, oh I could just go one of them I said so lo and behold this is what I got when she got back, it was just scrummy and fresh, nom nom nom!

Venus in red white and blue jeans 2012.

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 24th week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If any of my world-wide blogging friends capture a moment of Venus’s transit let me know I would love to see her. x

We will hopefully see her pass from 5.30 tomorrow morning, but you know the British weather is unforgiving and I might never get to see.

I will be up at stupid o’clock, to maybe get a glimpse of this special moment in time. x

Olympic Torch Day.

Olympic Torch Day.

Was amazing, it’s just a pity my photography skills aren’t.

I didn’t get the torch in.

Mel C with the Olympic Torch

As you can see from the above picture I cut the torch right off, but in my defence, I was using my phone and there were a lot of people there pushing and shoving all trying to get their own picture.